"New" Pre-Operative Cardiac Risk Assessment Form

Thursday, July 23, 2009 at 11:51:53 AM

Please be advised that the current pre-operative cardiac risk assessment has been greatly simplified by the new ACC/AHA recommendations that have been in place for about two years. These recommendations are embodied in a one page UHSH form that can be filled out and placed in the chart to serve as proof of appropriate cardiac risk assessment. This form replaces all other forms for this purpose.

The new form is available at the following locations:

Internal/UHSH network: 1)UHS Intranet: Clinical tab labeled “Pre-printed Orders” 2)unitedhealth.net: “Resource Center” link under “Other Resources” 3)“Physician View” link under “Pre-printed Orders” 4)FormsFast: under the tab labeled "Physician Forms" (FormsFast sign-on required to access)

External/Outside UHSH network: 1)www.unitedhealth.net: -“Resource Center” link under “Other Resources” 2)“Physician View” link under “Pre-printed Orders”

To reorder forms, please contact Renee Masciarelli, Physician Relations Department at 763-6439.

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