Criteria for Indwelling Catheters

Monday, September 21, 2009 at 10:46:57 AM

The rate of infection for catheter-associate urinary tract infections is very high. To reduce this rate, it is very important that we change our culture to minimize the use to evidence based criteria for insertion, improve insertion techniques, and provide appropriate ongoing maintenance. Continued need should be assessed daily and the device removed as soon as possible.

The MEC approved the following criteria for the use of indwelling catheters to reduce UTI:
o perioperative use for selected surgical procedures - involving the GU tract, anticipated prolonged surgery, operative patients with urinary incontinence, need for intra-operative hemodynamic monitoring, patients anticipated to receive large diuretics during surgery;
o urine output monitoring in the critically ill
o management of acute urinary retention and urinary obstruction
o assistance in pressure ulcer healing for incontinent patients;
o rarely, at patient request for comfort at end-of-life.

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