Anticoagulation Therapy Policy

Monday, September 21, 2009 at 10:47:56 AM

The MEC and the Pharmacy & Therapeutics Committee approved a policy to allow pharmacists when receiving an order for certain drugs to trigger an order for additional labs as provided by protocol. The drugs are Aixtra (fondaparinux), heparin drips, coumadin (warfarin), lovenox (enoxaparin) at treatment doses, heparin SC at treatment doses (very rare), and fragmin (dalteparin) at treatment doses (not used here) which require certain lab monitoring tests. Any required tests not ordered will be placed on a sticker (see attached sample), placed on a physician order form and sent to the unit. The physician will need to sign acknowledging that they are aware labs were ordered and monitor results. It does not require signature before labs are drawn.

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