Localized Temperature Therapy System

Monday, September 21, 2009 at 10:48:55 AM

A new heating/cooling pad is now available called the Gaymar T/Pump with three temperature settings: high heat (107F), low heat (100F) and cooling (50F). A physicians order must be obtained that includes 1) temperature - heat (hi/low) or cool, the area to be treated, and duration of therapy. Ex. Apply localized heat therapy to the right wrist for 30 minutes every hour. If high or low heat is not specified, low heat will be used. Appropriate use for the pad are orthopedic conditions with chronic pain, skin trauma (such as abscesses), neuritis, phlebitis, tendonitis and IV infiltrates. Contraindicated is localized heat where there is compromised blood flow or malignancy, patients with an increased tendency for bleeding or in combination with topical medications that may be affected by the application of heat.

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