Oncology "Clinical Staging"

Monday, September 21, 2009 at 11:08:01 AM

Practitioners are asked to “clinically stage” cancer cases prior to providing treatment on cancer patients. Clinical stage is based on evidence acquired before primary treatment. Clinical assessment uses information available prior to first definitive treatment, including but not limited to physical examination, imaging, endoscopy, biopsy and surgical exploration.

Clinical stage is assigned prior to any cancer-directed treatment and is not changed on the basis of subsequent information. Clinical staging ends if the decision is made not to treat the patient. The clinical stage is essential to selecting and evaluating primary therapy. Please remember to provide this within your history and physical prior to surgery or upon request from the Registrar. The standard format is T#N#M# (The number signs represent a numeral that you will place after this to represent the stage). If you have any further questions please contact Bobbie Speight at 763-6098.

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