Changes to Fasting and Non-Fasting Glucose Tests

Friday, October 09, 2009 at 12:25:38 PM

Effective Monday October 12th, the laboratory will be instituting a change with regards to fasting and non-fasting glucose tests. This change will result in one standard glucose test available on a report with one standard reference range of 65-99 mg/dL. In addition, the following reference range chart will be appended to the test result:

Reference Ranges:

Normal Fasting Glucose………….65-99 mg/dL

Pre-Diabetes……………………100-125 mg/dL

Provisional Diagnosis of Diabetes…>125 mg/dL

As a result, one individual glucose test and two metabolic profiles will be available for ordering:


Metabolic Panel, Basic

Metabolic Panel, Comprehensive

It is the laboratory’s goal to provide a more consistent record of patient results for monitoring/tracking by a provider.

If there are any questions regarding this change, please contact:

Angela K. Armato, Chemistry Supervisor (Wilson Site) at 763-6045

Rosemary Parkinson, Chemistry Supervisor (BGH Site) at 762-2347

Thank you.

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