Congestive Heart Failure Management Program

Tuesday, October 13, 2009 at 11:53:01 AM

Attn: UHS Medical Staff Providers

United Health Servicesí Stay Healthy Center is currently providing a disease management program to assist your patients who have been recently discharged from the hospital in managing their congestive heart failure. The program provides patient education and the support of Registered Nurses through Nurse Direct and is designed to reinforce your orders and to help your patients manage their disease.

Program Overview: A Registered Nurse will call your patient at regular intervals to answer questions and to provide health information.

Information regarding Congestive Heart Failure will be mailed to your patientís home following the phone calls to reinforce the teaching.

Your patient will receive a refrigerator magnet with Nurse Direct information, so that they can call with questions, a wallet card to help manage medications and may be eligible to receive a blood pressure cuff or a scale if they do not have those items available to them.

Patients will also be encouraged to attend an informational class on managing Congestive Heart Failure where they will be able to pick up their blood pressure cuffs and learn how to use them.

Your patients with congestive heart failure will be encouraged to:Weigh and monitor their blood pressure daily; Follow fluid limits you may have ordered; and follow sodium restrictions you may have ordered.

Call you if they have changes in their condition, including chest discomfort, difficulty breathing, weight gain of 3 or more pounds over 2-3 days, increase swelling of hands/ankles new moist cough and also before taking over the counter cold medicines, including cold/cough preparations, antacids or pain medicines.

If you have any questions about this program, please feel free to call Patricia Fell, RN, MS, ANP-C, Director of Community Health at 607 763-6159

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