Changes to Vancomycin Draw Times

Monday, January 25, 2010 at 1:57:48 PM

The following guidelines will be observed in regard to draw times for each of the Vancomycin tests offered by the Laboratory:
1) Trough levels should be drawn within an hour prior to the drug being administered to the patient.
2) Peak levels should be drawn approximately one hour after completion of drug infusion.
3) Random levels are not related to timing prior to or after drug administration, but the time of draw should be noted before submission to the Laboratory.

These changes have been made in conjunction with the pharmacy department and reflect the current trends regarding Vancomycin efficacy and toxicity. Any questions regarding laboratory values and/or reports should be directed to Angela K. Armato, WMH Chemistry Supervisor 763-5780, or Rosemary Parkinson, BGH Supervisor 763-2347.

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