Labeling of Syringes, Medicine Cups, and Basins

Friday, April 16, 2010 at 9:44:14 AM

Medications or solutions in unlabeled containers are unidentifiable which can result in errors. In perioperative and other procedural settings both on and off the sterile field, labeling occurs when any medication or solution is transferred from the original packaging to another container. Label each medication or solution as soon as it is prepared, unless it is immediately administered. Label only after medications/solutions has been put into syringe or container.

Medication or solution labels must include the following:
- Medication name
- Strength
- Quantity
- Diluent and volume
- Preparation date
- Expiration date when not used within 24 hours
- Expiration time when expiration occurs in less than 24 hours

Note: The date and time are not necessary for short procedures, as defined by the hospital. (Ie; OR,GI lab, Cath lab, IR, ECT)

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