Record Suspensions Now in Effect

Friday, April 16, 2010 at 9:52:25 AM

The Medical Executive Committee is now enforcing the medical record suspension policy which was held for several months until the electronic medical record could be put into place. It was expected that delinquent medical records would resolve with the ability to complete records on-line, however, that didnít prove to be the case here. Some record delinquencies go back to 2008.

Physicians and allied health are now being notified when they rise to the top of the delinquency numbers that they have a week to complete those records or face suspension. After five weeks on suspension, fines will also be enforced of $50 per day for each day of suspension. This will be payable prior to any reappointment being processed.

Medical Staff are encouraged to notify Medical Records Department when they will be away for any length of time to avoid being placed on the suspension list.

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