Password Aging

Monday, September 20, 2010 at 8:48:23 AM

UHS system passwords are now being aged out every 90 days. If you donít reset your password in advance of the age-out date, you will need to call Information Services (24/7) at 763-6399 to reset it. If you retry to log in 4 times, the system will shut you out but will be available again after 4 minutes for more tries. Screen savers have been changed to come on after 10 minutes, and exceptions can be made for specific areas. The Active Directory Account will disable after 120 days of inactivity (changed from 60).

Although password aging is not specifically spelled out in the HIPAA regulations, appropriate procedures and controls are required and we are following best practices. Issues arising related to privacy and security are reported to the Office of Civil Rights which could in turn audit our practices.

As a tip to remembering your password, you only have to change one digit each time. This could be a consecutive number, i.e. Password1, Password2, etc. Password requirements are 8 characters with one capital letter and one number.

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