Medical Records

Monday, September 20, 2010 at 8:57:26 AM

With the implementation of our new transcription software, we have added many new worktypes. HIM will be issuing new dictation cards by midsummer, but in the meantime, here is an updated list of worktypes:

1. History & Physical; 11. Preoperative History & hysical; 2. Operative Report (Dictate Proc Date); 3. Consultation (Dictate Consult Date); 4. Medical Clinic; 5. Discharge Summary; 55. Transfer Summary (Dictate Transfer Location); 6. Echocardiogram; 7. Cardiac Catheterization; 8. Angioplasty; 9. Neurological Studies (EEG, ENG, ABR, Any Kind of Neuro); 12. Cardiac Studies (Holter, Stress Test); 13. Pulmonary Studies; 14. Psychiatric Assessment; 16. Electrophysiology Study (EPS); 17. CT Cardiac Calcium Score (Cardiologist); 18. Cardiac CT Angiography (Cardiologist)

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