Enhancements to UHS Systems Access & SSO

Monday, September 27, 2010 at 9:23:49 AM

As a result of feedback that Dr Wolff and UHS Information Systems has received, the following enhancements have been made with respect to UHS systems access and Single Sign-on (SSO).

1) Disabled Accounts: Going forward, accounts will be disabled after 120 days of non-use vs 60 days as previously set; Clinical Systems and I will be contacting those providers whose accounts are currently disabled to enable the accounts and set a new password; Currently many UMA/UHS Providers have 2 accounts set up, one they use in their office and a "P" account that is used for SSO at the hospital . We will be working to merge these accounts into one using the "P" account only, and to get this done within 120 days (before any accounts become subject to being disabled again). Those providers affected will be contacted directly as to the implementation date.

2) Lockout/unlock for both SSO and non-SSO access: Will now be set to lock after 5 incorrect sign-on attempts and to automatically unlock after 5 minutes; In the event you forget your password, you may contact the UHS Help Desk at 763.6399.

3) Screensavers for both SSO and non-SSO access: The standard time-out setting for screensavers has been increased from 5 minutes to 10 minutes. Any requests for exceptions should be submitted to Mike Rusnak and Nancy Rongo.

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