**IMPORTANT** Troponin Range Change

Thursday, November 04, 2010 at 8:32:50 AM

Effective Immediately, the Chemistry Departments at UHS Wilson and BGH Laboratories will change the reporting parameters with regards to Troponin testing, as follows:

The CURRENT reporting criteria are:

<0.40 Normal

0.40 - 1.49 Ischemic Disease

> 1.49 Consistent with AMI

The NEW reporting criteria will be:

<0.04 Normal

0.04 – 0.10 Indeterminate

> 0.10 Abnormal

The critical value will be modified to reflect the new normal range; thus, initial results greater than (>) 0.10 ng/mL will now be considered critical and will be called in accordance with the laboratory’s critical value policy. Subsequent elevated values will not be called.

In conjunction with the American College of Cardiology (ACC), the National Association of Clinical Biochemistry (NACB) has provided guidance for the normal range for Troponin (TnI)defined as the 99th percentile of an ambulatory patient population with no known cardiac involvement, provided that the result carries an imprecision of ≤ 10% CV. These changes are being made to align UHS’ procedure with those industry standards, and have been reviewed and approved by the Medical Executive Committee (MEC) at UHS.

Any questions should be directed to the UHS Wilson Chemistry Supervisor, Angela K. Armato MT, MBA at 763-5780 or the UHS Binghamton General Chemistry Supervisor, Rosemary Parkinson MT at 762-2347

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