Inpt Therapy Orders Clinical Indication Required

Thursday, November 04, 2010 at 3:36:26 PM

The Medical Executive Committee approved the requirement of a clinical indication for therapy, when ordering specific therapies. (i.e., PT, OT, Swallowing, Speech). It will be a required field when ordering inpatient therapy services that physicians will need to provide a clinical indication. If not included, orders will need to be clarified as documentation is required.

The Medical Executive Committee also approved standardization of activity orders for prescriber standing orders. It is necessary that patients mobilize early in their stay for improved healing, unless contra-indicated by the patientís condition. Standing orders will allow planning to start right away following the nursing Mobility Policy.

For more information, please contact Linda Wasser, Director, UHS Therapy and Rehabilitation at (607) 763-5529. Thank you.

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