Attn: Physicians - UHS Soarian Training Survey

Monday, March 07, 2011 at 2:47:00 PM

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Dear Doctor:

Everyone is talking about Soarian. What is Soarian? It is a hospital-wide electronic health record that enable physicians manage all of their day-to-day workflow electronically. For example, ordering tests and medications, getting results, and billing will be done electronically. Collecting all the patient data electronically can also help us study trends and provide important feedback that can help improve patient care.

To help you learn Soarian quickly we'd like your opinion: how can we make training user-friendly within the context of your busy schedules? To do so, we are asking you to take a quick survey about training. For example, we want to know how comfortable you are with computers. Ultimately, our hope is to work with you closely to create a highly tailored and effective training program that provides knowledge about how Soarian can assist your clinical care.

Finally, we hope this is the beginning of working with you closely as partners in making Soarian a success. Without your help we would be unable to do so, and we thank you for your cooperation and participation.
The UHS Soarian Training Team

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