Family Healthcare Decision Making Act

Friday, March 25, 2011 at 11:28:35 AM

The Family Healthcare Decision Making Act enacted last year is for patients who lack decision making ability and don't have a healthcare proxy. Whenever consent is needed for admission or procedures, the doctor must document lack of capacity. The Act includes a surrogate list starting with an Article 81 guardian with medical authority, spouse or domestic partner, child over 18 or parent, sister or brother, and close friend. A subcommittee of the Ethics Committee will be set up to deal with surrogate disputes. This will not change how the Emergency Room deals with emergencies.

The Broome Developmental Center will be sending a packet of information with their patients sent to the hospital to assist in the process. In the case of non-emergent procedures, the process of obtaining consent for these patients may take several days, and your patience is appreciated. More information is available in the Doctors Lounges at both sites or from the Medical Staff Office.

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