EMTALA Reminder - Medical Screening Exam

Friday, March 25, 2011 at 11:42:17 AM

It is UHS policy to provide a Medical Screening Exam and treatment for the emergency condition for all patients presenting with a potential medical emergency. This includes Emergency Departments, Ambulatory Clinics, Family Care Centers, and Occupational Health Services. When an emergent medical condition is identified, necessary definitive care is rendered to stabilize the condition. Patients will not be denied evaluation, treatment, or stabilization on the basis of means or ability to pay. The exam will be of sufficient detail to reveal the presence or absence of an Emergency Medical Condition or the presence of pregnancy with contractions. Should the patient require evaluation and/or care beyond the scope and ability of the facility and staff present, the Emergency Medical System is activated to provide transportation to the Emergency Department. (EMTALA - Emergency Medical Treatment and Active Labor Act - was formerly referred to as COBRA.)

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