CK (Creatinine Kinase) RANGE CHANGES

Tuesday, July 05, 2011 at 2:57:15 PM

Effective July 6, 2011, the laboratories at WMH and BGH will be changing the reference ranges for the CK (Creatinine Kinase) method. The laboratories will now be reporting gender-specific ranges for this test.

The old and new range(s) are provided below:

Old Range [not Gender-specific]

21-232 IU/L

New Ranges [Gender-specific]

26-192 IU/L [Female patients]

39-308 IU/L [Male patients]

These changes are being made in order to align the ranges with an updated manufacturer methodology.

For questions please contact Angela K. Armato, MT, MBA (WMH, 763-5780) or Rosemary Parkinson, MT (BGH, 762-2347). Thank you.

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