Have you tried VisualDx?

Wednesday, September 07, 2011 at 3:46:34 PM

Have you tried VisualDx yet? It is available on a UHS computer by going to the Intranet, clinical tab, resources. VisualDx is a clinical decision support system used in greater than 1300 clinics and hospitals, and includes over 1100 diseases with 22,000 images searchable by patient findings.
The system spans adult and pediatric medicine and includes oral mucosal and eye presentations as well as the skin presentations of infectious, metabolic, nutritional, genetic and immunologic disease. Included within VisualDx is a searchable medication database helping to assist more accurate diagnosis of medication adverse events. VisualDx is more than a “meta-atlas” of disease, the system helps busy clinicians recognize variants and the spectrum of disease across the visual specialties, turning the atlas around so you can search by morphologic features and other patient findings.
Training and use of VisualDx encourages students towards life-long use of information technology and self-learning, emphasizes training in physical exam skills, the differential diagnostic process, learning about diagnostic errors and structured use of professional medical information.

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