Core Measures Updates for 2012

Tuesday, January 31, 2012 at 8:52:03 AM

CHANGE: SCIP-Card-2 Surgery Patients on Beta-Blocker Therapy Prior to Arrival Who Received a Beta-Blocker During the Perioperative Period.

∙ This measure formerly only required documentation of one dose received within 24 hours prior to surgery through discharge from the PACU.

∙ Starting January 2012, if the patient is hospitalized for at least 2 days after surgery, there must be documentation of the administration of at least one additional dose of a beta-blocker on postop day one (POD 1) or postop day two (POD 2).

∙ If either of these minimum doses is not administered, there must be a reason documented within the same time frame as the expected dose. If the patient did not receive a dose on the day before or the day of surgery, the reason must be documented on the day before or the day of surgery. Likewise, if no dose was received on postop day 1 or postop day 2, the reason must be found documented on either postop day 1 or postop day 2. Late entries cannot be used for either time frame.

∙ NEW acceptable contraindications for perioperative beta blocker starting in January (do not need to be documented by a physician):

- Documentation of a systolic pressure less than or equal to 100 mm/Hg

- Documentation of concurrent use of intravenous inotropic medications during the perioperative period

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