UHS Employees Credit Union Volunteers/Recruiting

Friday, March 09, 2012 at 11:35:09 AM

Employees Credit UnionGoverned by Volunteers and Always Recruiting

The UHS Employees Federal Credit Union employs a staff of nine professionals, operating two offices and providing basic financial services to more than 3,500 employees of the UHS system and their families. Governing this Credit Union, however, is a team of volunteers, including a nine-Member Board of Directors who are responsible for guiding the Credit Union on behalf of all 3,500+ Credit Union Members. The Credit Union CEO reports directly to the Credit Unionís Board of Directors. Credit Union Directors are unpaid and are currently all active employees throughout the UHS system. These volunteers share the strong desire to protect and further the Credit Unionís mission to care for the financial health of UHS employees and their families.

The Board of Directors is joined by even more volunteers who staff many Credit Union committees, ranging from the Policy Committee to the Supervisory Committee (volunteers responsible for oversight and auditing of Credit Union operations). All of these volunteers provide essential guidance and work that keeps the Credit Union strong and growing.

The Credit Union is always seeking volunteers interested in serving as a Director, and/or a member of a Credit Union committee. If you are interested in learning more about what it takes to be a Credit Union Director or committee member, please contact Nominating Committee Chair Ann Marie Rakoski at ann_marie_rakoski@uhs.org, or Credit Union CEO Jack Ewald at 763-5069 or john_ewald@uhs.org.

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