Monday, March 19, 2012 at 3:02:03 PM

UHS Hematology will be implementing the WHO 5th Edition reference limits for semen analysis effective March 19, 2012. Changes from the WHO 4th Edition that is currently used includes the following reference limit changes:

Semen Volume from 2.0 ml to 1.5 ml

Sperm Count from 20 million/ml to 15 million/ml

Sperm morphology from 15% normal to 4% normal

In addition, instead of four grades of motility, sperm motility will be graded as Total Sperm motility (Progressive PR + Nonprogressive NP) and Progressive Sperm motility (PR). The lower reference limit for total motility (PR + NP) is 40%, and the lower reference limit for progressive motility (PR) is 32%.

For questions, please contact Wilson Hematology supervisor, Maria Eaton at 763-6198.

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