Quick Review: Pre-procedure Time-out

Friday, March 23, 2012 at 2:55:47 PM

Prior to performing any procedure, the Procedure RN or assistant will call a “Time Out”. This triggers the following:
- Silence and no activity (VERY IMPORTANT!)
- All of the following completed and confirmed to be correct:
o Patient name and date of birth
o Procedure plan (State the procedure scheduled)
o Consent Correct (read from consent)
o Site Marking is visible (after draping)
o Patient position (state position)
o Antibiotic given and documented within the last 60 minutes (Vanco/Cipro-within the last 2 hrs)
o Essential imaging displayed, in correct orientation for correct patient (confirmed by surgeon and team member)
o Safety precautions taken based on patient history or medication use
o Fluid irrigation needs verified
- All members of the OR team must each verbalize agreement.

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