Medical Staff Thanked for Years of Service

Monday, April 23, 2012 at 1:06:53 PM

The following physicians are being recognized for their decades of active service on the Medical Staff completed in 2011:

40 years: Syed Ahmed, M.D. and Stanley Erney, M.D.

30 years: Genadij Sienkiewicz, M.D., John Sharpless, M.D., Wadih Diab, M.D., and David Kwiatkowski, M.D.

20 years: Annamalai Periakaruppan, M.D., Louis P. Mateya, Jr., M.D., Azmat Saeed, M.D., Alan S. Lerman, M.D., Kenneth T. Wong, M.D., Daniel M. Young, M.D., Michael A. Farrell, M.D., and Stuart H. Stiles, M.D.

10 years: Rekha Patel, M.D., John P. Zevan, D.O., Serazul Khan, M.D., Linda Fort, M.D., Christine Burke, M.D., Jungsil Cusimano, M.D., Mahmood Butt, M.D., and Elizabeth J. Weber-Levi, DPM.

Dr. Barbara Chaffee and Dr. Domenico Prato moved to Honorary Staff in 2011 and were honored at the March Board of Directorsí meeting for their services to UHS.

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