PACS Upgrade - Version 11.9 Planned for August 10

Tuesday, July 17, 2012 at 5:08:22 PM

A complete upgrade to the UHS PACS system is planned for August 10 through August 12, 2012.

There is a planned downtime during the evening of August 10th. PACS will be completely down for approximately two hours. When PACS initially returns online, there will be limited services for the next 6 or so hours.
HRS-D/Web viewing will be unavailable during this time.

When the PACS system is returned to full service on the upgraded version (V11-9) you will be required to install an updated version of HRS-D/Web viewer. Detailed instructions regarding the install will be communicated.

Further information will be passed along as it becomes available.

Please contact the PACS office at 763.5737, if you have any questions.

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