Hydrocodone to Class II Controlled Substance

Monday, February 18, 2013 at 1:09:46 PM

As of 2/23/2013, Hydrocodone and all of its formulations and combination products are changing controlled substance class schedules going from class III to class II in New York State.
Outpatient prescriptions written from 2/23 on will be impacted significantly by this change. There are implications for those Hydrocodone prescriptions that may have been written prior to this date and are still active. To assist in explaining and avoiding any confusion from either practitioners or patients, below is a bulleted review and summary of the notable changes.
• No refills will be permissible on any outpatient prescriptions involving Hydrocodone or Hydrocodone combination products as of 2/23/2013.

• Existing prescriptions previously written but not yet filled prior to 2/23/2013 will be honored if presented within the 30 day time period of date written but no refills will be honored.

• Existing active prescriptions with remaining refills will not be honored after the 2/23/13 date. A new written prescription will be needed for processing.

• Similar to other CII medications, oral authorization from prescribing practitioners for an emergency 5 day supply may be processed. A written cover prescription on a New York State official prescription blank within 72 hours will be required.

• Physician Assistants (PA’s) with a DEA registration allowing him/her to write prescriptions for schedule II controlled substances may do so for the medication Hydrocodone in New York State.

• If questions present, practitioners are encouraged to contact their patient’s pharmacy to assist in clarification.

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