Heparin Monitoring Panel

Tuesday, February 26, 2013 at 9:22:26 AM

UHS Wilson Hematology Lab is offering a Heparin Monitoring Panel, which will include an anti-Xa result with the APTT. The anti-Xa assay is a direct measurement of heparin, which is the preferred method of monitoring heparin.

APTT values may be elevated due to the effects of lupus anticoagulant, acute venous thromboembolism because of the association of an elevated Factor VIII functional activity, and factor deficiencies. The anti-Xa assay is also more appropriate in those patients with renal failure, in patients with antithrombin deficiency, and patients with body weight extremes. The anti-Xa assay may also be used for monitoring low molecular weight heparin.

The anti-Xa has a target therapeutic range of 0.3-0.7 IU/ml for Unfractionated heparin. Specimen requirements are one full blue top tube. Testing must be done within 4 hours of collection. Plasma specimens may be frozen for transport. The anti-Xa assay is only performed at WMH.

For any questions, call Maria Eaton, Interim Hematology Supervisor at 763-6198 or Dr. Jagmohan Sidhu at 763-6164.

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