**URGENT** Change from BNP to NT-proBNP

Thursday, August 15, 2013 at 3:06:32 PM

Effective Friday August 16th 2013, the laboratories at WMH and BGH will be changing our natriuretic peptide testing from BNP to NT-proBNP. This change is in response to manufacturer availability of the BNP test, as well as to ensure the most up-to-date testing to assist providers in diagnosing CHF.

The NT-proBNP test is a cost-effective, automated test which provides results with a higher sensitivity and accuracy than traditional BNP testing. The test is affected by mild-to-moderate renal dysfunction in a way similar to the BNP test. Test ranges, however, will differ significantly, as the steady state levels of NT-proBNP are as much as 4-to-6 fold higher than BNP (due to clearance mechanisms and other factors).

As a result, the NT-proBNP test will be reported with the following age-specific threshold levels for CHF:

Under age 50 450pg/mL

Age 50-75 900pg/mL

Over age 75 1800pg/mL

In addition, levels under 300 pg/mL may be used as an age-independent cut-point to rule out CHF.

Please note that due to these testing differences, NT-proBNP and BNP test results SHOULD NOT be directly compared.

The test will be orderable as Pro-BNP (N-Terminal).

For questions please contact the WMH Chemistry Supervisor, Angela K. Armato, MT, MBA at 763-5780, or the BGH Laboratory Supervisor, Rosie Parkinson, MT, at 762-2347.

Thank you for your co-operation as we make this testing change.

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