Monday, April 28, 2014 at 10:59:38 AM

On April 29th, 2014, the Chemistry laboratories at WMH and BGH will be transitioning to new Chemistry equipment, the Roche Cobas 6000. One of the most significant changes as a result of this transition will be to the Troponin testing offered by the laboratory. Currently, the laboratory offers a Troponin I marker, performed on a Siemens Chemistry platform. With the new Roche Cobas platform, the laboratory will be offering a Troponin T marker. While the goal of utilizing Troponin itself as a cardiac biomarker will remain the same, several differences may be observed with regard to cut-points, ranges and critical values.

The following represents the differences in cut-points (at the 99th percentile), ranges and critical values for the current and new Troponin assays:


Assay - Siemens Vista TnI (Troponin I)

Cut Point (99th percentile) 0.045 ng/mL @ 10% CV


<0.04 Normal

0.04 0.10 Indeterminate

> 0.10 Abnormal

Critical Value >0.1 ng/mL (First Value Only)


Assay - Roche Cobas TnT (Troponin T)

Cut Point (99th percentile) 0.01 ng/mL @ 18% CV

Cut Point (99th percentile) 0.03 ng/mL @ 10% CV


<0.01 Negative

0.01 0.02 Equivocal

Critical Value >0.02 ng/mL (First Value Only)

In addition, research suggests that relying on a single Troponin value should be avoided in favor of serial testing.

Should there be additional questions, please contact the WMH Chemistry Supervisor, Angela K. Armato, at 763-5780, the BGH Laboratory Supervisor, Rosemary Parkinson, at 763-2366, or the Laboratory Medical Director, Dr.Jagmohan Sidhu, MD, at 763-5780. Thank you.

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