Tuesday, October 21, 2014 at 3:43:42 PM

Effective immediately, the Chemistry Laboratory at WMH will be discontinuing all body fluid Chemistry testing performed in-house.

This change will NOT affect the current chemistry testing performed in-house on Urines or CSF.

This change is being made in response to manufacturer recommendations for testing.

The following tests (16 in all) will now be performed at our reference laboratory. The reference laboratory requires that all fluid specimens be collected in sterile container(s)/cup(s) or no additive tube(s):

Fluid Albumin

Fluid Amylase

Fluid Calcium

Fluid Cholesterol

Fluid Chloride

Fluid Creatinine

Fluid Glucose

Fluid Lactic Acid

Fluid LDH

Fluid Potassium

Fluid Sodium

Fluid Total Bilirubin

Fluid Total Protein

Fluid Triglycerides

Fluid Uric Acid

Fluid Urea Nitrogen

Questions should be directed to WMH Chemistry Supervisor, Angela K. Armato, at 763-5780, or Laboratory Medical Director, Dr. Jagmohan Sidhu, MD, at 763-5780. Thank you.

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