Thursday, June 25, 2015 at 9:35:06 AM

On June 29th, 2015, the Chemistry laboratories at WMH and BGH will be transitioning to new Chemistry equipment, the Ortho Vitros 5600. As part of this instrumentation change, the laboratory will be making one change to the specimen requirements for Digoxin and Vancomycin testing. The change is as follows:

Old Specimen Type: Serum or Heparinized Plasma

New Specimen Type: Serum only

Additional questions should be directed to the WMH Chemistry Supervisor, Angela Armato, at 763-5780, the BGH Laboratory Supervisor, Rosemary Parkinson at 763-5780, or the Laboratory Medical Director, Dr. Jagmohan Sidhu, MD at 763-5780.

Thank you.

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