Thursday, June 25, 2015 at 9:39:44 AM

On June 29th, 2015, the Chemistry laboratories at WMH and BGH will be transitioning to new equipment, the Ortho Vitros 5600. For the Chemistry department at WMH, this will represent a platform change for analysis of the tumor markers PSA, CA-125, and CEA. Due to the prognostic nature and utilization of these tests, the laboratory recognizes that in some instances, re-baselining may be of clinical benefit to the patient. As a result, the laboratory will continue to offer the previous methodology (via LabCorp) for a period of time to honor re-baselining requests. For PSA, this will be one (1) month, and for CA-125 and CEA, this will be three (3) months. During this period of time, providers may request that a test be re-baselined by indicating the request on a patientís order.

Additional questions should be directed to the WMH Chemistry Supervisor, Angela Armato, at 763-5780, the BGH Laboratory Supervisor, Rosemary Parkinson at 763-5780, or the Laboratory Medical Director, Dr. Jagmohan Sidhu, MD at 763-5780.

Thank you.

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