Thursday, June 25, 2015 at 9:45:36 AM

On June 29th, 2015, the Chemistry laboratories at WMH and BGH will be transitioning to new Chemistry instrumentation, the Ortho Vitros 5600. This transition represents a change in technology, an opportunity to streamline workflow within the laboratory, and a cost-conscious move towards standardization across the WMH, BGH, and CMH laboratories. Encompassed in this new instrumentation will be a number of changes, including:

The conversion from Troponin T back to Troponin I

The replacement of a directly measured LDL with a calculated LDL (Friedewald) in the Lipid profile. Directly measured LDL will still be available if ordered separately (or if the Triglyceride value in a Lipid panel is >400)

The inclusion of a directly measured Total Iron Binding Capacity in the Iron profile

The ability to perform Vitamin D testing on-site

Minor changes to the existing drug screens performed in-house

Please note that slight variations in methodology may result in alterations to existing reference, or normal ranges, for a number of tests performed within the Chemistry department. As a result, patient reports for testing performed at both WMH and BGH may show slight differences when compared to existing reference ranges, but these differences have been evaluated by the lab and determined to not be clinically significant.

Additional questions should be directed to the WMH Chemistry Supervisor, Angela Armato, at 763-5780, the BGH Laboratory Supervisor, Rosemary Parkinson at 763-5780, or the Laboratory Medical Director, Dr. Jagmohan Sidhu, MD at 763-5780.

Thank you.

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