Credit Union support members supporting Heart Walk

Wednesday, March 01, 2017 at 10:49:30 AM

The UHS Employees Federal Credit Union has again issued popular and limited Heart Walk Loan Coupons.

While supplies last, Loan Coupons can be purchased for only a $5.00, all of which is donated to the Credit Union's Heart Walk Team. Coupons give 1.00% off any loan. From small personal loans to large mortgage refinances, these Coupons could be worth dozens to thousands of dollars. Coupons are also bearer instruments, meaning you can give them to anyone who is, or can become, a Credit Union Member. Plus, Loan Coupons can be used all year, so buy now & take until 12/31/17 to use the coupon.

Please support the 2017 Heart Walk and get something back, from Your Credit Union.


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