PICC Lines

Wednesday, June 14, 2006 at 9:48:48 AM

Professional Home Care has started inserting ultrasound guided Peripherally Inserted Central Catheters at the patientís bedside. This new endeavor will meet the needs of the patient, nursing staff and radiology.

The technique is used to assist the clinician to visualize a vein or an artery and to confidently place a needle into the intended vessel, often on the first attempt.

Where a clinician once had to rely strictly upon a sense of touch supported by a working knowledge of anatomy to guide them in placing the needle, now they can see the vessel beneath the skinís surface. The portable ultrasound systems are small, mobile - for bedside use, and provide good image quality for vascular access.

This system reduces a referral for vascular access to interventional radiology and surgery, thus decreasing the cost of vascular access as well as limiting the patientís exposure to contrast media and radiation.

To have the Ultrasound PICC trained PHC nurses evaluate the client, the Physician writes an order in the clientís chart. These nurses are available between WMH and BGH, Monday through Friday 8am Ė 5pm with the last PICC insertion starting at 3pm. The nursing staff can be paged directly at 774-1620 rather than having to call Professional Home Care directly Monday through Friday only. Weekend and holiday PICCs will be done 9am Ė 1pm and can be arranged by contacting the on-call nurse at 763-5600.

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