Ova & Parasite Collection Kits

Tuesday, June 20, 2006 at 9:47:30 AM

The UHSH Microbiology Laboratory will provide outpatient care centers with stool collection kits for Complete Ova & Parasite (O&P) testing from appropriate patients. The kit includes two types of preservatives as well as patientís instructions for specimen collection. The use of these preservatives will ensure specimen integrity during transportation to the laboratory. These preservatives are to be used only when a full O&P examination is clinically warranted, which includes immigrant patients, foreign travelers, immunosuppressed patients and patients with prolonged diarrhea refractory to therapy.

For Giardia Antigen requests, stool specimens can still be collected and transported in a sterile container on the same day of collection. If the specimen cannot be delivered the same day to the laboratory, the transport kit may be used.

Collection kits will be delivered to offices for immediate use. If you have not received any O&P collection kits by July 1st, 2006, please contact the Microbiology department at 763-6116 to request them or add them to your Laboratory Supplies Order form. After August 1st, unpreserved specimens will no longer be accepted for full Ova and Parasite examination on Outpatient specimens due to the loss of specimen integrity.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Microbiology laboratory at 763-6116.

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