Wednesday, July 05, 2006 at 1:57:54 PM

Beginning July 10, 2006, new blood collection tubes will be used for T-cell subset testing by flow cytometry.

Test Name Synonyms


Helper/Inducer Panel

T-helper/Suppressor Panel


The new Cyto-chex BCT (Streck Laboratories) is a FDA-cleared blood collection tube that preserves white blood cells and their antigenic sites for up to 7 days for flow cytometry analysis. A unique lavender and gray blended stopper differentiates the speciality flow cytometry blood collection tube from standard EDTA tubes. The new Cyto-chex BCT will replace the standard EDTA tubes only for T-cell subset testing.

Stabilization of patient samples for flow cytometry testing for up to 7 days extends the options for collection transport and storage of these specimens.

Test validation using the new cyto-chex BCT showed no significant changes in the data obtained through day 7.

Single parameter analysis by flow cytometry using Cyto-chex BCT neither requires total WBC count nor absolute lymphocyte count. Therefore, these analytes will no longer be reported as part of T-cell subset analysis.

Cyto-chex BCT tubes are available upon request by call Laboratory Client Services at 763-5780. Thank you.

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