Contacting Cardiology Associate Physicians

Wednesday, November 15, 2006 at 5:11:22 PM

Cardiology Associates physicians are transitioning to a new means of communication through wireless web-based Blackberry devices and will be moving away from the use of Pagers. In the event that you need to reach one of the physicians, please use the numbers to contact physicians.

Dr Richard Ryder 770-8600
Dr Paul Traverse 770-8600
Dr Nicholas Stamato 770-8600
Dr Chitta Mohapatra 770-8600
Dr James Vincens 770-8600
Dr Nasiruddin Jamal 770-8600
Dr Haridas Varma 770-8600
Dr Afzal Rehman 770-8600
Dr Owais Ahmed 770-8600
Dr John DiMenna 798-7100
Dr Charles Campbell 798-7100
Dr John Walters 798-7100

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