Tuesday, March 27, 2007 at 10:05:59 AM

Effective immediately, we will begin our new Fetal Lung Maturity test algorithm. The new method is performed on the Abbott TDX by fluorescent polarization.

The TDX method essentially measures the ability of a fluorophore to partition between albumin and surfactant in the sample, and measures the amount of surfactant relative to the albumin concentration.


Immature <39 mg/g

Indeterminate 40-54 mg/g

Mature >54mg/g

For samples that test in the indeterminate range, we will perform the ASPG slide agglutination test. Results of the ASPG test are similar to the current criteria.

ASPG Low Positive consistent with maturity in the Non-Diabetic patient.

ASPG High Positive consistent with maturity in the Diabetic patient.

We will begin the new testing immediately, questions or comments should be directed to R.Tuggey, Director of Chemistry, 763-6868.

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