Medical Staff Consultation Policy

Monday, June 18, 2007 at 9:05:47 AM

The Medical Executive Committee would like to remind staff about the “Medical Staff Consultation” policy and procedure which requires that consultations be done by the attending physician either:
a) directly contacting the consulting physician to provide the clinical picture and reason for consult; or
b) completing the Consultation Order Sheet so that hospital staff has the information to make the contact.
If a consultant refuses a consult, the on-call specialist will be called and is required to come. Any issues with this should be worked out directly between the attending and the consult.

**All emergent consultations and those done in E.R., ICU, CCU or NICU will be done by direct contact. To facilitate contact between doctors, use *888 after the pager number to indicate that you are personally waiting for the call.

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