Time Your Entries Update

Monday, July 23, 2007 at 4:10:40 PM

During our recent Joint Commission visit, the surveyors noted some inconsistency in our documentation of patient charts. Dating, timing and signing patient charts – progress notes and orders – is a legal requirement and it helps ensure a safe environment for everyone. In their report to us, this inconsistency or deficiency was noted by the surveyors and we were required to submit a plan of correction. We are expected to have ALL entries dated, timed and signed. In May, were at 54% compliance and during a June internal audit, we were at 64%. We are now at risk of not meeting our plan of correction. Each of us needs to ensure a firm commitment to helping us meet our goal! Help each other, help our physicians by checking and reminding each other of this practice. This is not looking over someone’s shoulder to find a mistake, this is helping us all do the right thing! This is a great place to practice medicine and a great place to receive care, so let’s keep it safe!

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