Tuesday, July 31, 2007 at 3:04:12 PM

This note is to notify our physicians and medical staff of a reversal to a change made to interpretive criteria for Cardiac Troponin Testing. In March of 2007, the laboratory reformulated its criteria and cutoff values for Troponin testing, decreasing the cutoffs at which risk stratification and diagnoses could be made. After a thorough revision of these criteria and feedback from some of our providers, the laboratory has made the decision to return these values to their original status. As a result, cutoff values and interpretive criteria will be changed, with “normal” results being restored to their original cutoff of <0.4 ng/mL versus <0.1 ng/mL. A comparison of the revised and the original cutoff values are provided below:

**Revised** (Currently in use)

Normal <0.10 ng/mL

Consistent with ACS 0.10-0.59 ng/mL

Cnsistent with AMI 0.60-1.50 ng/mL

**Orginial** (Effective Immediately)

Normal <0.40 ng/mL

Ischemic Disease 0.40-1.49 ng/mL

Consistent with AMI >1.49 ng/mL

In our laboratory, systems and policies have been upgraded to meet these original cutoffs. Beginning immediately, our reports will reflect these original cutoff values, and we will consider Troponin results greater than the 0.4 ng/mL cutoff as the appropriate level for immediate physician notification.

If you have any further questions, please contact Angela K. Armato MT (ASCP), MBA at 763-5780. Thank you.

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