Virology Culture Changes

Friday, December 21, 2007 at 1:26:25 PM

Effective 1/1/2008 the Microbiology lab will offer rapid viral cultures on the following types of specimens.

Specimen Type: Rectal/Stool

Test Request: Culture, Viral Enteric

Viruses Tested: Enterovirus, Adenovirus

CPT Code: 87254 per virus

Specimen Type: CSF

Test Request: Culture, Viral CSF(Note: PCR testing should be considered. It is considered to be more sensitive than culture for the detection of Herpes simplex and Enterovirus).

Viruses Tested: Herpes Simplex, Enterovirus

CPT Code: 87254 per virus

Please contact Diane Madison, Supervisor of Microbiology at 763-6869 or Dr. William Taylor, Microbiology Section Director at 763-5948 to answer any questions.

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