Cardiac CT Update

Tuesday, January 29, 2008 at 1:39:44 PM

The Cardiac CT program was developed at UHS almost six months ago. Until now, the ordering of Cardiac CT scans has been restricted to cardiologists only to allow the learning curve to progress in a controlled manner. The program is now mature enough that this test can be made available to the entire medical staff. Therefore, all physicians and other providers may order the test as needed.

Cardiac CT allows the visualization of coronary arteries by providing a non-invasive method of coronary angiography. Stents and heavy coronary calfications have reduced the accuracy of the test. It is therefore recommended that patients with stents or history of bypass grafting not be referred for this test at present, but be referred to their cardiologist.

Cardiac CT is available as an elective test and may be scheduled just like any other CT scan. To the best of our knowledge, Medicare covers Cardiac CT within their specific guidelines, however most other insurance companies require pre-approval prior to scheduling.

The complete list of Indications and Limitations and/or Medical Necessity can be found in the LCD at the CMS Website. ( 125907_notice_lcd.htm).

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