Mosby's Nursing Demo

Tuesday, February 12, 2008 at 9:37:04 AM

Pilots of Mosby's Nursing Consult, Mosby's Nursing Skills (including the Pediatrics Module) and Clinical Pharmacology (including Clinical Calculators and Clinical Pharmacology OnHand and ToxEd) are available through March 15th.

Following are the URLs, along with instructions for accessing these databases.

Mosby's Nursing Consult:

Nursing Consult allows simultaneous access by all users at your organization. Users originating from your organization will be able to access Nursing Consult without the need for an individual user name and password. Users will want to Register for an ID/Password to perform personal functions, like downloading "My PDA" and saving to "My Folder" which will be implemented on Nursing Consult soon.

Users may access Clinical Pharmacology via Mosby's Nursing Consult by clicking on the "Drugs" tab and then on the link posted on the "Drugs" page.

Mosby's Nursing Skills:

Nursing Skills allows simultaneous access by all users at your organization.The Pilot Account has been enabled with our "Generic Edition," allowing users to access the reference section of Nursing Skills without the need for an individual user name and password.

When you subscribe to Nursing Skills, users are provided with user names and passwords allowing nurses to access their personal account, to save searches, take tests, retain test scores, etc.

Downloadable Guides for Users and Administrators, along with a flash Demo and other resources are available under "Introducing to Staff" at:

Link to download guide:

Clinical Pharmacology:

Users may access Mosby's Nursing Consult via Clinical Pharmacology by two methods:

From the "Patient Education" drop down, the user will go directly to the "Patient Education" section of Nursing Consult.

From the "Resource Center" drop down the user will go to the "Home Page" of Nursing Consult

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