Pre-Authorizations for Radiology Services

Friday, April 18, 2008 at 8:22:09 AM

In the past, it has been customary to assume that if a patient has Medicare or Medicaid, that costs for services would be covered. Unfortunately, in todays environment, with the multitude of Medicare Replacement Policies, and Managed Medicaid Programs, this has changed. Many plans are now requiring pre-authorization for Radiology Services that formerly were not needed.

In order to provide your patients with the best possible service, and improved patient care, we would ask you to check the patients Insurance Cards to see the authorization requirements, and if needed, to please follow through and obtain the necessary authorization prior to calling to schedule services. This would help cut down on denial of payment, and streamline the process for all concerned.

As always, we appreciate your cooperation in this matter, the Radiology department.

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