Single Sign-On Now Live on NT2, Neurosuite & NT5

Thursday, May 22, 2008 at 3:13:06 PM

Single Sign-On is now live on NT2, Neurosuite, and NT5.

Username: e0 _ _ _ _ (employee number), for providers their username is P _ _ _ _ _ _.(provider number), click on Log –On. Then the user will be prompted to change/create a password. (Note: physicians/providers should use their physician view password)

The first time a user logs into SSO they must go into each Tab (system) and enter their passwords.

Explain autohide of Launchpad – right click on user name left hand side of the Launchpad.

After 5 minutes of no activity on the PC the screensaver will appear. You must re-enter your username and password.

After another 5 minutes of no activity you will be logged out of all applications.

To lock the PC but still leave your programs “running”, click on the lock icon on the right hand corner of the Launchpad.

To log off completely, click the big red “X” on the Launchpad

If user has not logged off, another user may log in and the previous user’s applications will automatically close If you need assistance please contact, 763-6499.

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