PACS Upgrade scheduled for weekend of 11/21

Wednesday, October 08, 2008 at 1:27:43 PM

On the weekend of November 21, 2008, we will be performing a major upgrade to the PACS system. We have worked with McKesson planners to plan the tasks associated with Web servers to have as minimal effect on web services as possible. However there will be times during the upgrade process when viewing images via the web will be unavailable.

Presently the basic time frames are as follows: Friday Nov 21: 4:00pm No new studies sent to PACS: 5:00pmComplete PACS down-- Stat exams to be printed to film and distributed to radiologists/ clinical areas as needed; 9:00pm Temporary PACS system available. Current exams available for viewing. Archived studies not available. Web services again avail for current exams.

Sat Nov 22: Web Services will continue to be available for current exams.

Sunday Nov 23:1:00pm Newly Upgraded PACS Servers to be brought online with V11; 1:30pm Internal WebServer taken down to be upgraded. PACS UNAVAILABLE ON PC's VIA WEB. Any case needed in the OR will need to be printed to film; 7:00pm Internal WebServer back on line... Before the carts can be used, we need to bring down all carts to uninstall DX view and re-install the new viewing product HRS-D. Studies will be burned onto CD's and distributed to OR as necessary. 9:00PM Limited number of OR carts available. All exams current and priors now available.

Our commitment is to having a few OR carts available by 9:00pm and all OR PACS Cart back online by Monday morning.

Please remind your staff to continue to call the Radiology department (at the appropriate site) when you have an add on case. Our staff will either print film or burn a CD based on the progress of the upgrade tasks.

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