Medical Clearance for Scheduled Procedures

Thursday, October 09, 2008 at 1:51:05 PM

A reminder that all patients going to a provider's office for medical clearance related to an upcoming surgical procedure must have the PAT (pre-admission testing) results reviewed and abnormals addressed by their provider. This will help to eliminate any questions clinical staff (RNs, surgeons or anesthesia) may have regarding the patient in advance.

We rely on you to provide us with this information in a timely manner to avoid patient delays and cancellations. The documentation needs to be provided to us 72 hours in advance of the scheduled procedure.

We do realize that there are times that the results are not yet available to you at the time of the patientís appointment. Please feel free to call the staff in the Clinical Chart Prep at the following numbers and we will fax them to you - BGH: Abby Jones 762-3502 ; WMRMC: Karen Johnson 763-5790, Vicki Kenville 763-6302. Thank you for your help.

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